photo (8)Yep! I do have some experience in film making, in 2007 an independent film I worked on made it all the way to the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival and had taken 1st place in Best Action Film Award. Most of the crew reunited from that production and went up to the Big Apple ( the movie was filmed in rural Georgia) to see it on the big screen and be part of the festivities that surrounds such an honor. Pretty cool being in the “scene” that is being in New York City during a film festival.

About a month 1/2 or so ago I was contacted by a filmmaker here in the Orlando area about helping out behind the scenes on his production called Hidden Agenda, It’s being produced by Pain Productions, Produced and Directed by Aaron Warren, Chase York Director of Photography and starring Hans Hernke, with Adam Barnett, and Cameron Bigelow. It’s a Psycho Police Thriller about a legendary Miami Detective working a big case, the case of his career.

For my part I was able to help behind the scenes by securing some of the filming locations, being a technical advisor of sorts on the how the officer act, and also with the costuming of the police officers, photo (7)police cars, crime scene, weapons, and having an actual police station and police cars used in several of the films scenes. This was a small production with a limited budget and with my contacts across the Florida law enforcement community we were able to help make that realism happen and adding production value to the film itself. It really does look like a police thriller because of a lot of technical detail that actually was police equipment, and in some cases casting current, and retired officers to play in the background and have some actual lines in the film. That gave it a pretty authentic look! So much so the Florida Police Chiefs Association asked about some of the filming details!

photo (11)I myself made it on to the film as a Bouncer/Doorman in the club scenes (kind of like the time Capt. Fireball and I went to Chicago and I really played a Bouncer/Doorman at a bar). I was even given a couple of lines and interacted with the main characters. We’ll see if it makes it past the cutting room floor!

Though the film is set in modern day Miami we were able to shoot many scenes in and around Downtown Orlando, Madison, Florida and Oviedo, Florida. Filming wrapped toward the end of April and is now into post production mode. I’ve been told they hope to have it done by late July and then the producers will try to shop it around for distribution or even take it to some (9)

So who knows! Maybe I’ll make on the fall blockbuster season at the movies and you can see my big mug up on the big screen at your local theater!
Until then “Keep It Between The Ditches”!